Maxine’s Tree

Carmanah Valley lies to the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island, home to the magnificent Sitka spruce and Canada’s tallest known tree. The Sierra Club, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee and the Carmanah Forestry Society hope to preserve this majestic rainforest for future generations. Trailbuilding has been invaluable in creating public awareness of, and access to, the giants of the old-growth forest.

This story is dedicated to Sydney Peter McAllister and the trailbuilders.

“Save the tree for the
whole wide world.”

(Maxine Haskell, aged 3, September 1988)

Maxine’s Tree,
written by
Diane Carmel Léger

and Illustrated by
Dar Churcher.

Published by
Orca Books ©1990.
ISBN 0-920501-38-9

First Printing, 1990
Fourth Printing, 2002

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