Rainforest Tours

Our “Magic Bus” visits magnificent rainforests year-round, giving our members the luxury of visiting their favourite forest with a minimum of fuss or risk. We schedule weekend day-trips, camping excursions and custom tours to some of the oldest living trees on Earth.

A visit to these lush, endangered forests enhances ones love of nature, rekindles the conservation ethic, and inspires one to work for greater protection of natural treasures. Many people wish to “give-back” after such a rewarding experience and either help out in town or in the forest, where they can assist in repairing or improving trails and facilities.

  • Custom Group Tours
  • Camp-overs
  • Pick-ups on route
  • See Gian Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, and
    Western Red Cedar

Carmanah Tour $60.00 Adults
Walbran Tour $60.00 Adults


Tours leave Fairfield in Victoria and pick-up on the way out of town.

Phone to arrange your pick up and drop off location.
The bus starts at 6:30 a.m. sharp and returns at around 8:30 p.m.

The “last minuter” can purchase their food and drink for the day at the Old Farm Market in Duncan. Film and other needs can be purchased from the convenience stores when we fuel up. Bathroom and coffee breaks are scheduled into the drive.

Please contact us ahead of time to book your tour.

Bring personal needs: food and drink for the day, camera and low light film, as well as a first-aid kit, whistle, bug repellent, candles, matches, flashlight, knife, raingear, good hiking footwear, spare clothes and dry footwear. Prepare for the unexpected.

Specific Tour Highlights

Lower Walbran

  • Caycuse Deer Trail: with massive Douglas Fir trees (short, downhill, moderately strenuous).
  • Cubby’s Tree: Massive Candelabra Cedar overlooking Walbran Creek.
  • Emerald Pool: Lower Walbran Creek, picnic site, cool swim.
  • Bridge Camp: Riverside primitive camping leading to lower Fletcher Falls.
  • Fletcher Falls: Deep rock formed pools, accessible during summer, swimming holes.
  • Bridge Over Troubled Walbran: Rudimentary floating log creek crossing.
  • Giggling Spruce Campsite: Leaving the Cedar eco-system, the gigantic Sitka Spruce now tower overhead with ferns and moss communities.
  • Hollow Tree: See how two Hemlock trees grew over a rotting stump hundreds of years ago creating a natural children’s play-house.
  • Elephant Head Tree: One of the seven wonders of Walbran, huge burls and a well placed branch create this odd look alike.
  • Gates to Central Walbran: Two massive Sitka Spruce create the original entranceway to visit Botley and Auger Lakes.
  • Maxine’s Tree: The largest specimen in the Carmanah Walbran system, surrounded by second growth “blow-down” forest.
  • The Log-jam: A natural crossing of the gentle West Walbran Creek.
  • Anderson Lake Campsite: a sandbar with wonderful views and many camping areas in the adjacent woods.
  • Burled Cedar: A beautiful specimen with at least 20 burls covering the lower trunk.

Upper West Walbran

  • Emperors Throne: Roots create a natural throne in this idyllic setting.
  • Spruce Rope Bridge: Spectacular creek views from a natural bridge crossing.

Hadikin Lake

  • Log Dock: Picnic, swim, canoe, enjoy the echo.
  • Marked trees: Blue paint, gigantic Sitka Spruce, stumps and numbering.

Lower Carmanah Creek

  • Randy Stoltman Grove: Some of the biggest and the best, dedicated to Randy who died while performing conservation work on the mid-coast.
  • Hiking: Moderately strenuous trails, visit more coastal giants.


  • Nahmint Lake drive: Lake lined with Douglas Fir for over six miles.

Woods Safety

Those are wilderness experiences, safe, but inherently dangerous if care is not taken or you are extremely out of shape. Boardwalks and trails can be slippery so wear good footwear and avoid taking chances. Dress in layers, allowing for changes in weather. Carry lots of water.


Unfortunately the tours are not currently offered.

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